A New Stress Test Is Coming…

Latest News Tom Moffat 17 Apr

In an attempt to slow down the housing market, the government has proposed to increase the stress test as of June 1, 2021. Here is a breakdown of what that means. What is the stress test? A couple of years ago the government introduced the stress test to make sure people could afford their mortgage […]

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Where Are Mortgage Rates Going?

Latest News Tom Moffat 18 Mar

With so much unknown in our economy and real estate markets, there is one sure thing – interest rates are on the move upwards. BUT, this is only fixed rates. Variable rates remain at all-time lows. Fixed rates have increased by approximately 30bps (.30%) over the last couple of weeks. Why is it that only fixed rates […]

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Is Now A Good Time To Purchase A Property?

Latest News Tom Moffat 20 Jan

Given the current state of affairs, this is a popular question I hear. My not so simple answer is yes, no, and maybe… A lot depends on your personal situation. Are you a first time home buyer? Are you looking to move up the property ladder? Are you buying an investment property? Are you worried […]

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7 Reasons Why People Are Refinancing Right Now

Mortgage Tips Tom Moffat 18 Dec

7 Reasons Why People Are Refinancing Right Now   As you probably know, interest rates are extremely low right now. And with low mortgage rates, comes opportunity. These opportunities include saving money, creating wealth, or helping you cross things off the ever-growing wish list. To take advantage of these opportunities you’ll need to refinance your […]

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Rate Holds Explained

Mortgage Tips Tom Moffat 7 Dec

If you’re shopping for a home, or have worked with a mortgage professional in the past, you’ve most likely heard of rate holds before. If not, it is something that every potential homeowner should be aware of. This is especially true for the application process as it has some great benefits for active shoppers. If […]

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5% Down Payment – Not Just For First-Time Home Buyer

Mortgage Tips Tom Moffat 25 Nov

Did You Know…Anyone Can Buy A Property With Only A 5% Down Payment? Yes, that’s right. You don’t have to be a First Time Home Buyer.   There is a misconception out there that you can only buy a property with a 5% down payment if you’re a First Time Home Buyer. Well, I’m here to tell […]

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Mortgage Broker vs Mortgage Specialist

General Tom Moffat 18 Nov

Broker vs specialist: what’s the difference? To most consumers outside of the mortgage space, the terms “mortgage broker” and “mortgage specialist” would seem interchangeable – but they aren’t. As a potential homeowner, the differences are more important than you might think. First and foremost, it is important to understand the definition of these groups before looking […]

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